The pretty ones

What to write about these butterflies (and moths – moths always get a bad rap)? Well, I’ve been cooped up in a city of sorts the last couple of months. And though it’s a lovely city (Cusco, Peru), I haven’t smelled the butterflies in a while. So on this week’s post, that’s what you get – all kinds of vivid, fluttering nature I hope makes you want to get away from it all. I’m a sucker for car exhaust too but just look at those colors! I’m pretty sure that one moth’s a relative of Gizmo the gremlin. You know the one… Anyway, these photos are from Latin America, the same America I’m in right now. They were accompanied by some good adventures, too. In Rio Claro I almost destroyed my camera during a gnarly river crossing. In San Vicente De Chucuri a man I didn’t know at the time (but a friend now) waited until I was deep in the jungle then made a funny joke about how he was going to get me with his machete. Corcovado… I can barely say the name without crawling into a comfortable bed, turning on a fan, sucking my thumb and crying myself to sleep. As for the Chocó — I’ve already done a few posts on that rainy, rugged and wonderful place and the weird things that go on there. All in all some pretty cool places to take pictures of bugs. All shots taken in the wild. Do enjoy.

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  1. Michael, Beautiful pictures!!! How is your tendon? How are the Spanish lessons going? It has been warm here. We really need some more snow. Take care.

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