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My real name is Michael Cast and in between getting lost around the globe taking photos of whatever or whomever I can catch up to, I have worked as a journalist, offshore environmental consultant and most recently as a commercial fisherman. I’m from Colorado, have lived in Montana and spend time in various places abroad, most extensively in Latin America.

I take a greater understanding of the people, creatures and environment we share this Earth with as extremely important to achieve and find still photography an excellent way to share the awe and lessons the world’s regularly leaving me with. I say photos inspired by the road because I don’t subscribe to any single style of photography or to any single road. Mine has been a life determined as much by what I stumble into as what I set out for – these photos are a summary of where and who I’ve been out there.

I shoot with Canon digital gear. During post-processing I aim to create an accurate and clear depiction of what was in front of the lens. Adjusting white balance, levels, sharpness and editing out dust spots are all part of the routine.

Wildlife big and small was photographed in its natural setting unless otherwise indicated in the caption – even if its natural setting was a precarious and difficult one to arrive at, as it often seems to be.

If you wish to contact me (and why not?), I can be reached at michaelscast@gmail.com

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  1. Great lookin site mi amigo. So I take you left off to the land of Colombia and working through the latin heartbeat once again? Suerte y salud.

  2. It said it couldn’t leave that first comment, so I left the second comment only to realize after the first comment was indeed already posted. I am now leaving a third to rectify and explain my perceived error. Technology owns us. Be well.

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